Come join us in this beautiful and life-changing six-month journey where you step into new levels of freedom, creation, and healing abilities. This is a mix of pre-recorded lessons and live-calls!


Learn the Proven Processes of Creating Subconscious Freedom And...

Transform your mind and create profound levels of healing and self-empowerment, leading to next levels of fulfillment, love, joy, abundance, freedom, and inner peace without the confusion, doubt, or overwhelm. These are simple yet powerful processes that you will easily incorporate to improve all areas of your life.


*This round of the Mastermind includes the special COACHES edition*

Moving forward this training will be a coaches certification program.  


With These Lectures, Guided Healings, and Practical Step-by-Step Processes You Will Have the Keys to Playing a Whole New Game of Life, at a whole new level of awareness.


This program is designed to give you the tools to heal and transcend your limitations from the root of what generates your whole experience of reality- your subconscious mind.

This will support you to:

  • Expand your mind to see limitless possibilities
  • Stop self-sabotage
  • Improve¬†your relationships
  • Free yourself from¬†anxiety¬†
  • Create healing in the body
  • Create a more connected, loving relationship with the body
  • Breakthrough to the next level of freedom in¬†finances, success, health, relationships,¬† creativity etc.
  • Become more magnetic
  • Learn new modalities for your¬†clients or loved ones
  • Live the free, joyful, and loving life you‚Äôve always dreamed of

The best way I can describe this work, is that it's a beautiful journey of coming home to yourself at new and profound levels

In the Subconscious Freedom Mastermind you'll have the opportunity to see circumstances of your life through totally new compassion-filled and excited eyes, and you'll learn to play the game of life in a fun, interesting, and empowering way where you feel deeply fulfilled while creating your wildest dreams come true.


In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Feel free of past hurt
  • Transform¬†your relationships
  • Become more focused, clear, inspired, creative, and productive
  • Become more magnetic to attract what you want
  • Feel¬†more at peace in yourself
  • Generate profound levels of¬†self-love and compassion
  • Connect with¬†an amazing¬†group of like-minded souls committed to transformation
  • Create lasting change in your mindset
  • Transform your emotional patterns
  • Activate your next levels
  • Develop a new relationship with the depth of who you truly are and your true power as a creator
  • Learn new life-changing tools to implement with your clients

The right support and guidance can make all the difference. Not only will you learn the theory, you will also have live group coaching calls with me, where you can receive support and witness the beauty of profound healings and breakthroughs live.


Subconscious Freedom Mastermind

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Are You Ready to Finally Create Lasting Transformation?

So many people come to me after they feel like they've TRIED EVERYTHING. And they're blown away at how quickly they experience the life-changing results of this Subconscious Freedom Method. And you're about to learn this exact process!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Evolve beyond your triggers and feel inner peace regardless of circumstance
  • Acquire the skills to transform habits and behaviors from the subconscious root
  • Access limitless possibilities and next levels of reality
  • Learn the step-by-step processes to¬†create profound life-changing transformation for yourself and others
  • Witness and Experience¬†how it works as I coach on live sessions! This is a mixture of pre-recorded lessons and live coaching calls!

With simple (yet powerful) lessons and high-caliber guidance, you could start living a life with profound levels of freedom, inner-peace, joy, love, and abundance. This is going to be an epic journey.

Check out the Modules...

Each week you will receive access to new pre-recorded videos

Live rapid-fire coaching calls with me are every two weeks on Saturdays 2p EST. Live call schedule will be released closer to 3/23/24 start date.


A Revolution in Perception

Nothing exists for you outside of the way you perceive the world. Unlock your ability to access a more limitless perception in this first module:

  • Understand the theory that generates subconscious freedom
  • Begin to spot and transform limitations 
  • Unlock the true power of your limitless nature

You’ll finish this module with clarity about the areas you want to see the most freedom in, and a deep knowing of the power it is to be you. You'll step beyond the illusion of limitation.


Activating Superconscious Living

When you understand how to work with your subconscious and conscious mind you begin accessing a totally new state of consciousness:

  • Subconscious VS Conscious Mind and How to Navigate This Reality More Powerfully
  • Activating Superconscious Living To Become More Magnetic And Aligned With Your Highest Potential
  • Transcending Limitations and How to Spot Your Deepest Life-Changing Soul-Lessons

You'll finish this module with a clear understanding of how to marry the Conscious and Subconscious Mind to activate Superconscious Living.


Free Your Mind

The Mind is so much more than just the Brain. It's the amalgamation of consciousness that makes up the total picture of you. Understand the power of your Mind, your Brain, and deeper layers as to how to Free Your Mind:

  • Awakening the Superpower of Discernment to Transform Limiting Programming
  • How Thoughts Become Things And The Power of Your Mind to Create
  • Remembering The Power You Have to Impact The World

You’ll finish this module with enhanced reverence for the power of your Mind and how to feed it wisely to support a life of liberation for you and The All.


Decoding Your Reality

Blue pill, red pill time. Take out your Matrix glasses because we are about to go in! In this module you will see how modern science and an ability to notice pattern recognition completely unlocks a whole new empowering view of reality:

  • Using Mathematical Theory to Activate Midas Touch, Where What You Touch Turns to Gold
  • A Quantum View of Realtiy so You Can Remember Your True Power 
  • Holographic Theory, and Understanding How to Interact With Reality More Powerfully

You'll finish this module inspired by some of the best science today. While feeling grounded with practical action items that enable you to live as the Powerful Being that you are.


Dissolving Problems

Many people come to me with a list of problems. And a claim that they've tried everything! What if I told you, that by the end of this module you'll see how problems don't really exist?

  • Limitations Are in The Language. Words EVERYONE Uses That Keeps Them Imprisoned in a World of Limitation and How to SHIFT it!
  • Language to Free Yourself From the Disempowered State of Victimhood
  • Dissolving Your Problems And Speaking The Language of Possibility

You'll finish this module feeling lighter and freer than when you started it, with practical ways of noticing limitations in common everyday language and a clear understanding of how to speak words that open you up to a world of possibility.


Freedom in your relationship with your Ego + Shadow work

I think we've all evolved beyond the whole "kill your ego" idea, right? People understand that beating down their ego isn't the way. Yet they're usually unaware of how to go about managing their ego effectively. In this module you will receive proven processes of how to work with your ego:

  • Understanding the Positive and Negative Aspects of Your Ego
  • Changing Behaviors
  • Ego Healing, Ego Work, Shadow Work
  • Changing Behaviors Pre-Recorded Meditation That You Can Keep Re-using!!
  • Healing Physical Ailments Pre-Recorded Meditation That You Can Keep Re-using!!

You’ll finish module with a transformed relationship with your ego, your shadow, and yourself. And you will unlock a beautiful level of self-trust and self-compassion.


Freedom From Triggers

Wooooof can I get an Amen for the fact that everyone in the world today can benefit from this module? ūüėā In this module you will learn how to free yourself from your triggers:

  • The 5 Different Types of Triggers And What They Teach us
  • Freedom From Triggers Process
  • How The Universe Will For Your Freedom
  • Healing Triggers Pre-recorded Guided Meditation That You Can Keep Using!!

You’ll finish this module with a clear understanding of how different triggers work, what they are there to teach you about yourself, and how to free yourself from your reaction, which will drastically improve all of your relationships!


5 Steps to Freedom

Using the foundation set throughout these modules, as well as the Live Calls, I will now share the practical application to the 5 steps to subconscious freedom:

  • Our Massive Capacity To Heal More Than We Think is Possible
  • Art of Getting to The Core of The Limitation
  • 5 Steps to Subconscious Freedom

You'll finish this module with a clear understanding of when its time to get to the root and reveal a subconscious limitation, and the step by step process of how to guide yourself to freedom 


Quantum Timeline Healing

In this module you will be taken through a timeline healing meditation that you can re-use for many areas of your life and you will learn how to effectively manage post-mastermind breakthroughs:

  • Integrate Past Versions of You to Feel More Complete and at Peace in Yourself
  • Transcend Karmic Cycles and Patterns
  • Free Yourself From Past Hurt

You’ll finish this module feeling more you, more at peace in yourself, and more easily able to overcome your limitations and access limitless possibilities. You'll also feel more confident in your ability to keep the momentum going. And empowered to live your life with these new tools embodied, living as the new you!


Becoming More Magnetic

In this module you will access new levels of your natural abilities as a magnetic powerful creator.

  • Becoming more Magnetic is Becoming MORE You
  • Feel Embodied With Practical Steps to Magnetize Your Wildest Dreams
  • The Reality of Quantum Leaping Consistently in Your Life

You’ll finish this module feeling confident in your ability to create in a way that feels fulfilling, practical, beautiful, and soul-aligned. The only thing in the way of you and actualizing your wildest dreams is what you subconsciously perceive is in the way - and now you have the tools to free yourself from those limitations and GO!!!

Live Zoom Call Schedule

New pre-recorded lessons are revealed weekly for you to watch in your own time. Bi-weekly we have live coaching and Q&A calls!

Next live call schedule will be released in January



More Ways to Know This Mastermind Is For You...

  • You keep bumping up against similar roadblocks, emotions, or relationship, financial, or career cycles that you're ready to finally transform!
  • You¬†get that¬†lasting change occurs and your whole reality shifts when you shift the subconscious limitation, and you're all in on learning the ins and outs of how to do this!!
  • You¬†love the idea of surrounding yourself with like-minded souls who will remind you of what's possible and inspire you to keep going!
  • You're excited to learn these potent subconscious freedom modalities for yourself, your friends, your clients, and/or your family!



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We start March 23rd, 2024! THIS SATURDAY!!!

*This mastermind is a mix of pre-recorded lessons and LIVE group coaching calls

BASIC LEVEL OF MASTERMIND: Meeting Bi-weekly every Saturday at 2p EST 

New videos released weekly.

SPECIAL COACHES EDITION: Subconscious Freedom Coach Certifcation Training + Business and Money Mindset training INCLUDED for those of you who sign up to THIS round of the Mastermind NOW

COACHES EDITION: Includes two extra monthly live trainings and Q&A. What that means for you is meeting every Saturday at 2p EST instead of only Bi-weekly with the basic level of the Mastermind. 

12-Month Payment Plan


12 monthly payments of $297

  • new pre-recorded¬†training videos released weekly
  • printable self-reflection workbook¬†
  • bi-weekly live Q&A and hot-seat coaching
  • BONUS certification training for coaches

Pay In Full


One-time Payment (Save $264)

  • new¬†pre-recorded¬†training videos released weekly
  • printable self-reflection workbook¬†
  • bi-weekly live Q&A and hot-seat coaching
  • BONUS certification training for coaches



Upfront Payment of $5,000

  • entire training plus 6 one-on-one sessions with¬†Sarah (valued alone at $3,933), meeting once a month

Some FAQs...


I'm Sarah Zula

I'm dedicated to helping people free themselves from the root of suffering & limitations to access more freedom, love, and dream-come-true realities.

After going through one of my first dark nights of the soul in high school, I became obsessed with the mind, human behavior, ancient spiritual wisdom, and the subtleties of how reality works. This passion led me directly to what controls 95% of our lives, the subconscious mind. Very early on I started down the path of exploring my own subconscious mind, and began coaching as soon as I was certified to do so at 23. Almost 10 years later and I'm more passionate about this work than ever.

I discovered early on that the barrier between where a person currently is and their ability to live a life of freedom, inner peace, health, love, wealth, and joy, is whatever they have stored in their subconscious mind. So I dedicated my life to helping people free themselves from subconscious limitations that hold them back.

I've guided thousands of people to heal and transform subconscious limitations, and I'm excited to share this profound work with you!

"I've fallen in love again with my partner, with myself, with life. I feel this new limitless potential inside of me."

- Nikki

"What a transformation in just a few short months. It's beautiful to finally have awareness & access to the truth of what has always been alive in my soul. I've never been so happy &. hopeful in my entire life. "

- Kari

"These sessions are hard to describe. It's unbelievable how I feel. In just 6 weeks Sarah has over-delivered in all expectations I had for the whole program"

- Leo