In this 8 week channeled container, you'll learn how to:
  • Reclaim Your Supernatural Abilities. 
    Like Intuition. Channeling, Clairvoyance, Healing Powers, etc.
  • Move Beyond Ancestral Healing.
    Establish a new inheritance for you, your family, and the collective. 
  • Be The Mystic In Your Waking Life.
    Usher yourself from being a seeker who has knowledge, to a mystic attuned to the frequency of miracles.
Dear Seeker,

Acknowledging you are an ancient awakened one can be confronting, confusing, and at times can feel like you're going crazy. 

You're Not Crazy, You're Ascending...

This 8-week container is meant to be your gatekeeper toward reclaiming your supernatural powers, establishing a new inheritance for your ancestral lineage, and usher you from being a seeker with knowledge to a mystic attuned to miracles.

Who is a mystic?

The mystic doesn't buy into the illusion of lack, separation, or scarcity

The mystic follows her heart & walks by faith

The mystic doesn't lower her vibrational standards

The mystic influences & blesses the energy of the rooms she enters

The mystic doesn't bulldoze over others boundaries or life choices

The mystic knows her frequency of love, compassion, and non-judgement is more important than winning the 3D battle of being "right"

The mystic doesn't shun her shadow

The mystic knows wisdom often resides in the dark

The mystic isn't fearful

The mystic knows she is carried

The mystic is a free sovereign-being, here to grant permission to others to remember the same

And the mystic is you, that's why you landed here

My Only Agenda Is Love
Here's How It Unfolds...

  • Phase 1: The Cocoon & Metamorphosis 
    Ceremony to honor your devotion of moving out of the mundane and into fully expressed version of you
  • Phase 2: The Rise
    Heart-centered activation to bring forth the highest possible timeline for you to be initiated into
  • Phase 3: Ancestral Karma Cleanse
    Heal past lives, generational wounds, and create your bloodlines new and improved inheritance
  • Phase 4: Embodiment Of Real Self
    Tap fully into your soul aligned goals with tangible, practical, and fun outlined steps
  • Phase 5: Abundance Method
    Account for your gifts and display them out into the world from in-depth practices and attunement
  • Phase 6: Surrender To Synchronicity
    Spend an entire day unraveling the great mysteries of your perfect day channeled from your highest self (think spiritual scavenger hunt)
  • Phase 7: Integration
    Write the full legend of your mystical experience and how you will impact its reach further
  • Phase 8: Ascension Graduation
    Congratulations! You have awakened the great mystic within you. 

End seeking, become activated, and seen in the fullness of your power. Take the first step of a thousand back home to yourself.

Let's Be Honest, Your Heart Led You Here &

This Is A Must if...

  • You know you're here to raise the collective consciousness and are well aware it begins within you
  • You receive downloads, intuitive hits, or divine guidance but back down from following through with them because they make no rational sense or are too uncomfortable... you crave a extra push to go for it!
  • You've been called to high frequency vortexes lately like Sedona, Arizona or Tulum, Mexico and want an experienced guide to embark on that sacred voyage
  • You sense a next evolution of liberation but pray for support in honing in on your next big soul purpose 
  • You yearn for infinite creative power to ooze out of you
  • You lack a true soul friendship with YOURSELF