Quick Daily Uplifting Meditation (16 min) Guided by Sarah Zula

Hi family! Sarah here :)

This guided meditation is something that my 1-on-1 clients and my mastermind clients get to enjoy as an added benefit of working with me. They are LOVING IT! So I've decided to make it available for you all!

This meditation uses sound frequencies that bring the brainwaves into the deep, healing, and relaxing theta state. 

This is a great daily meditation to: 

  • Clear your energy field 

  • Uplift your energy, emotions, and mindset 

  • Set your intentions for the day and be the powerful creator being that you are!! 

In-joy beautiful souls!

Logistics of how to enjoy this meditation:

Upon signing up you will set up a login and password to view this meditation on your dedicated products page. You can keep re-using this meditation as much as you'd like :)

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